Community Centre

Nourish is realising a goal to build an education centre & library on our Nourish site on Orpen road. Our vision and focus for the community centre :

  • To host a English Library as well as resource centre with computers for educational games, typing and encyclopedias to assist children in their English skills and home-work. Because this is part of the community centre we are encouraging children to get together to do their school work in the afternoon, perhaps while mothers craft or work. This allows children a place of safety to spend time together in the afternoon in a safe and constructive environment.
  • As a community centre, it will be a safe, open and welcoming place for the community to use to interact both with each other; and with the public at large to both promote their own learning; and to create skills and a livelihood for themselves. This may also be used as the venue for educational talks, future lessons and classes, and food security garden.
Nourish Library in AcornhoekOur aim in building the Nourish Centre will be to build using environmentally friendly and eco building approaches. This will not only allow us to effectively keep costs down, but will also to create a sphere of thought whereby we can ‘lead by example’ showing members of the community innovative and inexpensive ways to build. By creating a sand bag structure we are creating skills through employing local unskilled community members and getting them trained through the process. This leaves behind a skill set which can be utilized as a form of job creation.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love" ~ Mother Theresa
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